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LabelMark 5 Professional Software
Part Number: LM5PRFCD

This versatile label design software is written specifically for identification applications in the aerospace, telecommunications, electrical, laboratory and general industrial markets. LabelMark 5 Pro comes with an exclusive print manager utility to print labels to multiple printers.

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This versatile label design software is written specifically for identification applications in the aerospace, telecomm, electrical, laboratory and general industrial markets. LabelMark 5 is the logical solution for label design, editing and printing. LabelMark 5 is two programs in one package. LabelMark is the standard application for "fixed-line" text-only labels, while LabelMark Plus includes all LabelMark features, as well as allowing you to add graphic images, barcodes, rectangles, and lines anywhere on your labels.

This is the CD-ROM version of LabelMarkā„¢ 5 Professional Software. The LabelMarkā„¢ 5 Professional Software package is the ultimate solution for labeling and identification software. The LabelMark 5 Professional version has all of the capability of the LabelMark 5 Standard version, as well as:

  • Manage/Use Serialization Schemes: Save complex serialization schemes (sets of multiple counters, or components, and serialization types) to use at a later date.
  • Manage/Use Import Data Schemes: Save complex import data schemes (or workflow maps with files, fields and records) so you do not have to re-enter data later on.
  • Insert/Edit an AutoCAD Object: Place full or partial AutoCAD drawings, or just text from a drawing, on a label by exporting directly from AutoCAD or importing from LabelMark.
  • Data Extraction Add-ins (MS Excel, MS Visio, AutoCAD): Create labels using full or partial Visio drawings by exporting directly from MS Visio; Extract fields of data directly from MS Excel and print the designed labels or save it for future use.
  • Copies Function: For printing multiple copies of a single label.
  • Wire Harness Sub-Wizard: For creating labels for wire harness applications.
  • Control Panel Sub-Wizard: For creating labels used on various types of control panels, including wire, face plate, push button, and terminal block.


EASY-TO-USE TOOLS & FEATURES LM5 Professional LM5 Standard

LM4 Features

Start Page  x    
Custom Toolbars  x x  
Stretch Rotated Objects  x x  
Manage Import Data Schemes  x    
Manage Serialization Schemes  x    
Manage Part Printer Driver Association  x  x  
Manage Custom Parts  x  x  x
Export/Import Custom Part Labels  x  x  
Error Checking Utility  x  x  
Online Auto Updates  x  x  
Label Object Property Window  x  x  
Multiple Tabbed View  x  x  
Manage Favorites List  x  x  x
Manage Multi-label File Jobs  x    x

LABEL DESIGN FEATURES LM5 Professional LM5 Standard

LM4 Features

Single Click Importing  x    
Single Click Serialization  x    
Electrical Wizards      
Wire Harness Sub-Wizard  x    
Control Panel Sub-Wizard  x    
110 Block Wizard  x    
Create New Based on Selected Labels  x  x  
Multi-label Display  x  x  x
Multi-label Editing  x  x   x
Single Label View Editing  x  x  x
Edit/Use a Label File  x  x  x
Edit/Use a Template File  x  x  x
Wiremark Labels (copy text on multiple lines)  x  x   x 
Fixed Line Mode Design  x  x   x
Free Form Mode Design  x  x  x
Command Multiplier for En Masse Label Copies  x  x   x
Insert Serialized Data (Quick/Advanced modes)  x  x  x
Insert External Data (Quick/Advanced modes)  x  x  x
Insert Date/Time Data  x  x  x
Insert/Edit an Image Object  x  x  x
Insert/Edit a Text Object  x  x  x
Insert/Edit a Rectangle/Line Object  x  x  x
Insert/Edit a Barcode Object  x  x  x
Flip-Flop Data on Existing Label  x  x  x
Insert New Label with Flip-Flop Data  x  x  x
Graphics Symbol Library  x  x  x
Multilingual Support: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Dutch, and Italian  x  x   


LM4 Features

Insert/Edit an AutoCAD Object  x    
Designing and Printing Labels from MS Excel  x    
Designing and Printing Labels from MS Visio  x    
Designing and Printing Labels from AutoCAD  x    
Set Print Copies Function from Design Editor  x    
Print Selected Labels in Design Editor  x  x  x
Multiple Label File Simultaneous Batch Printing  x    x
Set Print Range Copies  x  x  x
Set Label Copies  x  x  x
Save Files with Print Range and Label Settings to
Eliminate Repetitive Design
 x  x  x
Bi-directional Printing (only specific Brady printers)  x  x  x
Label Saver Options  x  x  x
Dedicated Label and Printer Printing  x  x  x


LM4 Features

Default to Favorites Part List  x  x  
"Eurpoean Parts List"  x  x  
Duplicate Data on Second Side  x  x  
Lock Template Layout  x  x  
Excel 2010 Support  x    
Visio 2010 Support  x    
Split Selected Linked Objects  x  x  
Favorite Parts List  x  x  x
Brady B-498 Parts  x  x  
Brady B-595 Parts  x  x   
Brady HX, 2HX, ZH, 2ZH Parts  x  x  
Update Files to New Part when Opening File  x  x  

CONVERSION FEATURES LM5 Professional LM5 Standard

LM4 Features

Convert Heatex Text Files  x  x  
Open/Import Multiple Files  x  x  
IdentiLab 1.x File Support  x  x  
IdentiLab Parts  x  x  
Label View Rotation  x  x  


Weight(lbs) 1.0000
Manufacturer Brady North America
Application Circuit Board Labeling,Data Communications Labeling,Facility, Safety Maintenance Identification,General Industrial Labeling, Panel Identification, Security Identification^Wire Cable Marking^ Rating Plate Identification^ Terminal Block Identification
Operating System Windows
Printer Compatibility IP Series, BBP11, BMP71, MVP Series^Wraptor^PAM3000^Tagus^X-Plus Series^1244/1344 Series^TLS PC Link^TLS 2200
Wire Marker Mode Yes

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