Roland Summer Promotions

Offers End September 30th, 2015
Roland RF-640 / GX- 640 promo

VersaEXPRESS™ RF-640/GX-640 Bundle
Take advantage of huge savings when purchasing a Roland VersaEXPRESS RF-640 printer and CAMM-1 GX-640 cutter together at a special “bundle” price of $19,995 (the RF-640 will be included at the normal price, and the price of the GX-640 will effectively be $3,000 MSRP).



VersaCAMM® VSi Instant Rebates
Now’s the time to buy a Roland VersaCAMM VSi series printer/cutter. We’re offering a $3,000 instant rebate with the purchase of a VS-640i, a $2,000 instant rebate on any VS-540i purchase, and a $1,500 VS-300i instant rebate.



Roland DisplayStudio™ Promo – 50% Off MSRP
Customers can save 50% off MSRP on any Roland DisplayStudio digital signage system purchase. This is a great opportunity to contact your clients that have expressed an interest in digital signage. You can help them get started at a substantial discount with this special limited-time offer.



For more information contact your sales representative from Hansen Supply or give us a call (800)782-1235. All offers end September 30th, 2015.



We are Moving!!!


After 60+ years in our current Seattle location we have come across an opportunity to move our headquarters. Our current facility is becoming cramped and we have big plans for the future. We understand there may be some bumps along the way, but we appreciate our customers and welcome their patience as we make this transition.


Effective June 15th, 2015 Our New Address:
406 164th St SW
Lynnwood, WA 98087


Our new facility will include 3X more space to better serve our customers with more inventory space, more office space for our employees and more room to demonstrate equipment. The new office is located just off the I-5 freeway for easy access. We are very excited for this move and look forward to a bright future in our shiny new space.


Questions? Give us a call (800)782-1235


Brady adds extension to warranty of BMP71 label printer

Brady has announced an upgrade to the portable BMP71 label printer warranty. Purchases after April 1st, 2015 are eligible for a 2 year warranty. There is no additional cost to the end user for this extended warranty. For more information please contact us 800-782-1235.


The BMP71 is an excellent label printer for wire & cable marking, laboratory labels, safety labels and pipemarkers.





To find out more about the BMP71 Label printer please follow the links below:
BMP71 Printer Page
BMP71 Labels and Tapes



Roland Spring Sales Promotion

For a limited time save big on select Roland Printers! Hurry offers end June 30, 2015.
Roland XR-640
Save $4,000 on a Roland XR-640 64″ wide Printer/Cutter from Hansen Supply. For more information about the promotion or to request a quote please give us a call 800-782-1235. For more information about the printer visit the Roland XR-640 product page which contains videos, specifications and promotional literature.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Program Offering:  April 6, 2015 – June 30, 2015
  • Eligible product and promotional rebate:
    • XR-640 – $4,000
  • Eligible units must ship by June 30, 2015 unless backordered
  • Rebate is instant, no further action is necessary
  • New machines only, not applicable to demo units
  • Normal shipping policies and charges apply


Receive a free BOFA filtration system (a $4,000 value) with the purchase of a Roland VersaUV LEF-20 Flatbed printer. For more information about the promotion give us a call 800-782-1235. For more information about the LEF-20 visit our Roland LEF-20 product page which contains videos, specifications and promotional literature.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Program Offering:  April 6, 2015 – June 30, 2015
  • Eligible units:
    • LEF-20
  • Eligible units must ship by June 30, 2015, unless backordered
  • BOFA Air Filtration Unit for LEF-20 will ship automatically with the machine, no further action is necessary
  • New orders only, not applicable to demo units
  • Normal shipping policies and charges apply
  • While supplies last
  • Standard discount applies

Valid in all DGA territories (North & South America, excluding Brazil)

Rowmark Engraving Sheets: Product Line Guide

Rowmark logo
This guide’s purpose is to assist engraving professionals in their selection of a Rowmark plastic product line. Learn which situations require a specific plastic or use our icon legend to quickly scan through our list. Custom color, thickness and fabrication of any plastic is available at Hansen Supply.

Call (800)782-1235 for further assistance or a special request.


Rowmark Satin Engraving Sheets:

The original engraving material, satin sheets were very popular when first introduced to the engraving industry. It’s a durable plastic with a thicker top cap for scratch resistance. While limited by the material’s sheet yield, satin plastics are perfect for office doors or cubicles.
Rotary IconFront IconIndoor Icon


Rowmark Matte Engraving Sheets:

These sheets are the most common rotary engraving plastic. It’s a smooth finished product with a thin top cap for detailed engraving. An indoor material consisting of mostly ABS, it’s incompatible with laser engravers. Mattes are very cost efficient and easy to fabricate due to the soft nature of ABS. Use this sheet for engraved signs, industrial tags, and some name badges.
Rotary IconFront IconIndoor Icon1.8 Icon


Rowmark ADA Applique Engraving Sheets:

ADA Applique material is primarily used to create ADA braille signs for the visually impaired. It allows the engraver to design raised letters required by code-compliant ADA signage. These sheets are usually sold with adhesive backings for easy substrate applications and excess scrapping. The adhesive application cures in 48 hours and transparent plastic is available for custom colors.
Rotary IconLaser IconIndoor IconOutdoor IconUV Icon


Rowmark ADA Substrate Engraving Sheets:

ADA Substrate material is an excellent sign substrate. Typically sold in smaller sheets (24”x48”) than sign acrylics, this material can be purchased in a variety of colors. The matte finish on these sheets ensures ADA compliance while solid coloring allows product edges to match the sign face.
Rotary IconLaser IconIndoor IconOutdoor IconUV Icon1.8 Icon


Rowmark UltraMatte Engraving Sheets:

The UltraMatte engraving sheet is an outdoor material meant for rotary engraving. The material’s thick top cap resists scratching and provides excellent UV stability. Consisting primarily of acrylic, it’s harder to fabricate.
Rotary IconReverse IconOutdoor IconUV Icon1.8 Icon


Rowmark NoMark Plus Metal Engraving Sheets:

The NoMark Metal is the original foil capped material for the trophy and award industry. This plastic is a popular product that simulates trophy gold.
Rotary IconFront IconIndoor IconGloss Icon1.8 Icon


Rowmark Flexicolor & Brass Engraving Sheets:

The brass engraving sheet is typically used in the award business for trophy bases or plaques. This engraving material simulates real brass without the cost of real metal. Our Flexicolor line is a two-ply material allowing you to imprint black text on a trophy plate without paint fill lettering.
Rotary IconLaser IconFront IconIndoor IconOutdoor IconUV IconGloss Icon


Rowmark Textures Engraving Sheets:

Texture engraving sheets are a popular material for the industrial markets. The extremely thick top cap provides scratch and chemical resistance. The material is so durable that it’s even sold without a protective mask. While you can laser engrave this sheet, it will require multiple passes for a clean finish.
Rotary IconLaser IconFront IconIndoor IconOutdoor IconUV Icon1.8 Icon


Rowmark LaserMark Engraving Sheets:

The LaserMark sheets are the original laserable plastic. The material is unique in that it is the only product line with a thinner .052” thickness rather than the industry standard of 1/16”. This consistency not only lowers engraving costs, but also makes fabrication easier. Use this sheet for indoor applications as its durability isn’t like most other laser materials.
Rotary IconReverse IconIndoor Icon1.8 Icon


Rowmark LaserGlow Engraving Sheets:

The LaserGlow product line is popular in the marine sign market for exit and life safety applications. The sheets meet all New York Local Law 26 standards for exit markings and glow ratings(+10 hr rating). The sheets are available in two-ply for front engraving, single ply for substrate or applique letters, and a reverse two-ply for backfill painting letters in glow in the dark material.
Rotary IconLaser IconReverse IconIndoor IconOutdoor IconUV Icon1.8 Icon


Rowmark UltraGrave Engraving Sheets:

The UltraGrave sheet is the latest innovation in engraving material. Unlike typical plastic, this product doesn’t have a foil top cap, but rather a polymer coating. This allows for extremely detailed work with less clean up because the material is easily vaporized. This vaporization eliminates the hazing caused by working with red and blue plastics. These sheets are also unique because top caps are available in almost any color, allowing for custom coloring in small batches. Lastly, this material is available in satin or matte making it the only laserable satin plastic from Rowmark.
Rotary IconLaser IconIndoor IconOutdoor IconUV Icon1.8 Icon


Rowmark MetalGraph Plus Sheets:

The MetalGraph engraving sheet is the only durable, outdoor faux-metal product on the market. A popular choice of trophy and signage industries, the realistic foil caps are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. With several architectural grade metal finishes, this product is lighter and easier to process than real metal. Several of our metal finishes have exposed edges that look just as good as the face.
Rotary IconLaser IconFront IconIndoor IconOutdoor IconUV Icon1.8 Icon


Rowmark Value Matte Engraving Sheets:

The Value Mattes are more affordable versions of regular Mattes.
Rotary IconFront IconIndoor Icon


Rowmark LaserMax Engraving Sheets:

LaserMax plastic engraving sheets are the most popular Rowmark stock. It’s thin, durable top cap allows for a consistent, clean laser engraving in the largest variety of colors. While this engraving material’s top cap is UV resistant, be careful when choosing metallic colors which are not UV stable.
Rotary IconLaser IconFront IconIndoor IconOutdoor IconUV Icon1.8 Icon


Further Assistance:

At Hansen Supply, it’s our hope that this guide helped you narrow your choice of Rowmark plastic. Contact an engraving expert by calling (800)782-1235 or filling out an inquiry form.


Icon Legend:

Icon Legend

Hansen Supply is now a Roland Printer Dealer

roland dealer printer
Hansen Supply is now selling and servicing Roland wide format inkjet printers. Roland DG is the world’s largest provider of wide format digital printers. Roland products include vinyl cutters, UV printer/cutters, large flatbed UV, wide-format inkjet printers, 3D milling devices, and engravers.

With this new addition Hansen Supply will be adding to an already large product offering of small format label printers, engraving systems and engraving supplies serving the sign, awards and graphics industries. For more information please contact us 800-782-1235.

Additions will be added to our product offering and website in the coming months. Our new showroom and demonstration area will follow in early 2015. Stay tuned for updates. We look forward to your business.
printers only

Roland Solutions:
UV Direct-to-Substrate Printing of Gifts & Accessories
Fleet Graphics & Vehicle Wraps
Print & Cut Apparel Heat Transfers
Full Color Awards
ADA and Indoor Signs
Printed and Contour Cut Signs and Other Graphics
Soft Signage & Exhibits
Sublimation for Apparel and Hard Goods
Custom Labels, Decals and Packaging Prototypes

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Digital Print Media (Coming Soon)
Engraving Machines

More about Roland and their dealer network:

Roland introduces GS-24 Vinyl Cutter

Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter

Roland DGA has released an update to their most popular 24″ desktop vinyl cutter. The new GS-24 has been completely redesigned for greater stability, precision and a much stronger down force (350 grams). What does that mean for customers? It means cutting thicker material with more precision and speed than ever before! This system is backed by Roland’s 3 Year trouble free warranty. Learn more about the Roland GS-24 Vinyl Cutter
Vinyl applications


Engraving Techniques: Laser vs. Rotary Engraving

Laser vs. Rotary Engraving


Laser and rotary engraving machines are used by identification professionals in various industries to personalize gifts and jewelry, mark metal, cut acrylics, produce stamps, fabricate signs and more. Different applications, items, and engraving materials require specific methods of engraving to produce the desired results. This guide’s purpose is to help you narrow your search for an engraving machine; ensuring you buy or lease the right tool for the job.

Rotary Engraving

hansen rotary engraver

Methods, Limitations & Advantages to Rotary Engraving Systems:

Rotary engraving systems are a popular method for engraving a wide range of materials. These engraving machines use specialized carbide bits to achieve precise depths in a variety of materials. Rotary engraving provides a clean and smooth engraved mark without a whole lot of fuss.

There are some limitations associated with the rotary engraving method. First, rotary engraving systems typically require vector based files (line art) to create an engraving path for the machine to follow. This means rotary engravers are largely used for text and basic shapes with limited fonts. A second limitation of rotary engraving is the pressure or stress that can be put on an item when engraved.  This usually means an item that is to be engraved such as a handheld radio needs to be clamped in place to allow the machine to engrave. This also requires the engraver to press down on the item to achieve the proper depth. This can cause stress on the material leading to cracking or an uneven mark.

However, rotary engravers do have some advantages over their laser counterparts. For one, rotary engravers do a great job of producing smooth and deep finishes needed for paint filling metals or plastics. Fume extraction is another plus, as these engravers have no odor and pose no risk of fire or gas release. Engraving material is also an area where rotary engravers excel, as this family of engravers does not require special plastics or acrylics and can engrave into almost any surface. Rotary systems often operate with materials that are less expensive and easier to process, and can engrave simple characters into plastics faster than laser machines.

Rotating Carbide Engraving vs. Diamond Drag Engraving:

Rotating carbide engraving is the most popular method for engraving plastics, acrylics, woods and metal at depth. Rotating carbide engravers have the ability to spin when engraving, which allows for greater depth and a wider tool path, two important characteristics when paint filling letters in metal surfaces.

Diamond drag engraving typically involves a non-rotating diamond tipped bit that glides on the surface of the engraving material. This style of engraving cannot be performed at great depths and often does not produce a very wide tool mark. Diamond drag engravers are usually applied to metal surfaces, produce little dust and operate at faster rates, and some materials can be darkened with a marking compound to achieve a blackened engraving area. Diamond dragging is very popular with jewelry applications, industrial data tags or serial plates.

Laser Engravinglaser engraver hansen pic

Methods, Limitations & Advantages to Laser Engraving Systems:

Laser engraving is a newer engraving technology which uses a beam of highly focused light to cut through various materials. Laser engravers can also be used to effectively cut and engrave many types of acrylics and woods. The limitation associated with the laser engraving method stems from fume extraction. Most laser engraving produces smoke or toxic fumes which need to be cleaned and/or ventilated. Laser systems do not work on all materials. For instance, ABS materials do not process well with a CO2 laser. In addition, laser engravers do not provide the same engraving depth precision that rotary engravers do.

The advantages to laser engraving are in the details. Laser systems have the ability to process fine details & raster-based graphics at 1,000 DPI quality. These engravers can produce any font read by a printer, which allows for endless design possibilities.

Another advantage to laser engraving is the ability to engrave without the need for clamping or fixtures. Because laser systems apply no physical force on the material or part to be engraved there is little need for holding parts in place. Laser engraving items can be placed side by side in the laser bed to maximize production.

CO2 Laser Engraving vs. Fiber Laser Engraving:

YAG & fiber lasers differ from CO2 in that the wavelength of a YAG beam is ten times smaller than a CO2 laser. This allows the beam to absorb into the metal material, thus leaving a mark. Unlike CO2, YAG laser systems do not have a wide range of materials that work well for engraving. YAG & fiber systems are primarily used to engrave durable metals, like stainless steel, and most often configured in a galvo system for fast, high production environments. At Hansen Supply, we carry two styles of fiber laser systems: the gantry-based LS100EX Fiber and the galvo-based Fiber200.

Engraving Caveats: Gifts & Jewelrytagcube pic

While most engravers will only work on flat items, there is a category of engravers that are called “Gift Engravers” or “Jewelry Engravers.”  Gift Engravers are like the Swiss army knives of engraving. These systems can handle a wide range of different objects and random shapes, including glasses, bowls and everything in between.  Our Gift Machines include the M40 Gift, IS400 Volume, and the EGX-360. Jewelry engravers, like our M10, handle specific tasks, such as engraving rings and bracelets, while the M20 Jewel easily engraves rings, pens and flat items up to 4”x4”.

Further Support:

As you can see, selecting the right engraving system is no easy feat. For this reason, Hansen Supply offers 24hr live chat support from dedicated representatives.

Visit our engraving machines section and request a purchase or lease quote that’s returned in 24hrs.

Still need help? Call us directly at (800)782-1235 or fill out a quick contact form.

Label Printer Selection Guide: 5 Questions Before You Purchase


Thermal transfer label printers are commonly used by professionals in a wide array of industries for equipment identification, pipe marking & safety labeling. Because printing requirements differ based on several criteria, it is important that you select the right label printer for your next project. The purpose of this label printer selection guide is to help you narrow your choice of desktop or handheld label printers based on 5 basic questions. Continue reading