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Brady BBP31 Printer: Small Footprint, Tons of Power, Lock & Load Two-Step Printing Easily create signs, labels, and pipe markers with the Brady BBP31 Printer. With more features than anything in its class, the Brady BBP31 offers a simple functionality ideal for industrial applications. Pre-configured drop lock cartridges mean you waste zero time or materials during change overs. Stand-alone or PC connected, print 300 dpi 0.5" - 4.0" wide labels up to 3000 times per day.

The Brady BBP31 Sign and Label Maker's two-step printing process, combined with pre-configured drop lock cartridges, make it a tool that can be used by all of your team members. Printing ready to apply labels, this compact printer is rugged enough for lean or industrial applications.

Looking for materials? See our BBP31 labels

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The BBP31 Sign & Label Printer is exactly how a printer is supposed to be. It’s easy to use. It’s packed with functionality. And best of all, it’s got so many material options that this one printer can handle all of the labeling needs in your facility.

Seriously simple operation.
This printer is so simple, your whole team can use it. Just type and print –it’s really that easy.
■ Large touch-screen display with “touch and drag” moving and sizing
■ 2-touch printing – just walk up and print!
■ Drop, lock and print smart chip supplies for automatic label formatting
■ Full size fold-down keyboard
■ Stand alone or PC-connect operation

Chock-full of capabilities.
This one printer can take on all the different labeling needs of your facility. There are so many options packed into this printer, your applications are endless.
■ Prints labels from ½” to 4” wide
■ 192 built-in graphics, with quick import options for graphics and fonts
■ Wizard-style apps for pipe ID, arc flash, and RTK chemical labels
■ Templates for common label styles such as signs with headers and a
library of 266 pre-made “pick and print” signs and labels

Hundreds of material options.
The BBP31 Sign & Label Printer can print on continuous supplies, pre-cut labels and even pre-printed sign headers and chemical labels.
Choose from:
■ Indoor/Outdoor Grade Vinyl (12 colors)
■ Low-Halide Polyester (16 colors)
■ Pre-printed ANSI/OSHA Safety Signs
■ Pre-printed Right-to-Know Labels
■ Repositionable Vinyl
■ Cold Temperature Labels
■ Magnetic Labels
■ Glow-in-the-Dark Tape
■ Reflective Tape
■ Raised Profile Engraved Plate Substitute Labels
■ Self-Laminating Wire Markers
■ Tag Stock
■ Tamper Evident Labels
■ And more!


What ships with the BBP™31 printer?
BBP™31 printer, power cord, USB cable, printer driver CD, Documentation CD (includes User’s Manual and Tutorial), Quick Start Guide with adhesive-backed pocket, cleaning kit, stylus (built into the keyboard), cutter cleaning tool.

What other accessories are available?
BBP™31 accessories include a carrying case with retractable handle and wheels, dust cover, spare styluses, replacement wiper pads, and replacement cutter cleaning tool.

What is covered under the Brady 360™ Printer Protection & Care program?
The Basic Brady 360™ Plan offers three years of warranty coverage and access to a loaner printer if your covered printer is in for maintenance. The Preferred Brady 360™ Plan offers the same warranty and loaner access as the Basic plan, plus one free Preventive Maintenance Service, free printer firmware upgrades, and two free hours of Professional Tech Support Services.

How much does the BBP™31 printer weigh?
BBP™31 printer weighs 14.25 lbs with no media or ribbon installed.

How many labels can be stored in my printer?
The internal memory on BBP™31 printer is 50MB. This means that you can store 1,000’s of labels internal to the printer.

Is there external file storage?
In addition to the internal memory, you can also store files on a USB drive. This is handy if you have created a label on one BBP31 printer and want to print it on a different BBP31 printer.

Can I save files that contain multiple labels?

If you create a file that contains multiple labels (like a file with a sequence on it) when you save and recall that file, all labels will be recalled.

Do I have to install the exact part that I used when I saved a file to retrieve a file?
You will be able to recall a file with a different media installed as long as the retrieved file fits on the installed media. If the file doesn’t fit on the installed media, an error message will display to install a different media. The printer will not adjust the size of the objects to fit on a different media.

What is the print speed of my printer?
Most materials will print at 3 inches per second, however the printer may adjust this for materials that are more difficult to print on.

How do I stop printing?
While the printer is printing a status screen will display. To stop printing, press the Cancel button. This will end the print job.

What happens when printing is interrupted because it ran out of tape/labels or ribbon?
When the job interruption message displays, correct the condition that caused the interruptions (e.g., replace the media or ribbon). Then you can either press Resume Current to reprint the current label, Resume Next to print the next label, or Cancel to end the print job.

Can I use my printer connected to my PC using label application software?
Yes; The BBP™31 Sign & Label Printer supports the use of MarkWare® and MarkWare Express Software.

Will other non Brady applications be able to print to the BBP™31 Sign & Label Printer?
The BBP™31 printer ships with a Window® driver so it will access print jobs from any Windows-based software programs such as MS Word or Excel.

What operating systems does the printer support?
Windows® 2000, Windows® XP (Pro and Home), Windows® 2003 Server and Windows® Vista (all versions), Windows 7 (all versions).

What type of graphic files am I able to import into my BBP™31 Sign & Label Printer?
The BBP™31 printer will allow you to import graphic files in either .wmf or .bmp format. These graphic files will be stored in a graphic category called “my graphics.” The number of graphics you can import depends on the size of each graphic.

What font types can I import into my BBP™31 Sign & Label Printer?
Any True Type font can be imported and reside on your BBP™31 printer, as long as you still have memory space available.

What if I want a different Label Type to display on my Home page?
The Home screen can display 3 label types. You can customize what 3 label types display on the screen to match the label types that you use most frequently. To change what is displayed, press the “More Label Types” button. From this screen press the “Customize” button. Here you can remove one of the Label types from the “Included” box then include a new one from the “Available” box.

How often do I have to clean my printer?
A reminder will display on the screen when it is time to clean your printer. This is based on your usage. It does not take into account the environment you store or use your printer, so cleaning may be needed more or less often than what’s recommended.

What parts of the printer will I need to clean?
Please refer to the Maintenance section of your User’s Manual for instructions on cleaning the touch screen, cutter blade and exit area, sensors, and print head. You will also find instructions for replacing the wiper pads as well.

More Information
Application Facility, Safety & Maintenance Identification, General & Industrial Labeling, Panel Identification
Character Height 0.08" to 3.9"
Color Capability Single Color Printing
Connectivity Options USB
Continuous vs Die Cut Labels Can print both continuous and die cut labels.
Includes BBP31 printer, power cord, USB cable, printer driver CD, Documentation CD (includes User's Manual and Tutorial), Quick Start Guide with adhesive-backed pocket, cleaning kit, stylus (built into the keyboard), cutter cleaning tool.
Max Label Width 4.00"
Max Labels Per Day 500
Max Print Length 120"
Max Print Width 3.9"
Memory 50MB (Expandable with USB Key drive)
Power Supply AC Power
Print Resolution 300 dpi
Print Speed 3 in. / second
Print Technology Thermal Transfer
Symbols 192 built-in graphics with quick import of an .bmp or .wmf file
Warranty 5 Year Warranty

File Downloads

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BBP31 FAQ Sheet
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BBP31 Printer Brochure
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BBP31 Printer Comparison Guide
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Brady BBP31 Printer Manual
(Size: 2.1 MB)
Brady Save 30 Promo
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GHS Brochure
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