1. Roland discontinues GX Series Cutters

    Announcing the Retirement of Roland’s CAMM-1 PRO GX Series Cutters

    Roland has announced the official retirement of the CAMM-1 Pro GX series cutters. The GX Series cutters are no longer being manufactured and the last of the inventory has been sold. You will notice that the product has been removed from the main navigation of our website. Please refer to the new CAMM-1 GR series models. Which offer a host of new benefits and features. Check out this post about the new cutters to find out more.

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  2. New Roland GR Series Cutters

    Roland GR Series cutters Today Roland DGA announced the addition of the new GR Series vinyl cutters.   Designed for stand-alone cutting or pairing with your existing digital printer the new GR series integrates Roland software with a powerful new cutting platform. With three new models in the GR series lineup, there is a cutter available for all applications. The Roland GR-640 is the flagship cutter with a maximum cutting width of 65". The GR-540 cuts up to 55" media and the GR-420 cuts 42".   Request a quote by email or give us a call 800-782-1235.  

    The Roland GR is the fastest cutter in its class

    Delivering speeds up to 58" per second the Roland CAMM-1 GR Series boasts the fastest throughput in its class. The newly optimized cut carriage limits travel time for efficient and accurate cutting.  

    Intelligent tracking and feeding

    The GR's improved tracking and smooth media feeding system provides accurate cutting. With 10 pressure settings available at the touch of a button challenging media stays straight and cuts accurately at blazing fast speeds.

    GR-640 features

    New Roland GR Series Features

    •  600 grams of downforce for more media options
    • Lightning fast cut speeds at 58.5" per second
    • Included storage tray, media basket and grab handles
    • New software plugins for today's most popular graphic applications
    • New blade holder with two positions for perforated cutting
    • New perforated cutting channel for clean cut graphics without blade damage
    • L shape machine design for added support and stability
    • New electric pinch rollers with 10 pressure settings
    • Ethernet and USB connections
      Request a quote by email or give us a call 800-782-1235. grsideview
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  3. VersaWorks Dual upgrade now available

    roland-versaworks-dual-rip-print-management-software Roland DGA has released VersaWorks Dual RIP for existing Roland customers as a free upgrade. This powerful software builds upon the intuitive, easy-to-use capabilities of VersaWorks to provide high quality printing, while adding enhanced processing and editing functions.   An update for the following printers has been released: • SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640 • VersaCAMM® VS-640i/540i/300i and SP-540i/300i • VersaStudio® BN-20 • VersaEXPRESS™ RF-640 • VersaUV LEC-540/330, LEF-20/12 and LEJ-640/640FT   Downloading Follow this link to complete your registration and download VersaWorks Dual. Need help? Give us a call 800-782-1235 and we can walk you through the process.   Roland VersaWorks Dual boasts a new core engine for improved file processing, including files with transparencies, plus advanced, easy-to-use capabilities that will dramatically enhance your printing job efficiency. Features include:
    • User-friendly VersaWorks interface
    • PDF/PostScript processing engine natively handles PDF, EPS and PS files
    • Processes transparencies, drop shadows and other effects
    • Ability to save and store unlimited queue settings
    • Rotate and mirror variable print data from inside the RIP
    • P edictive ink calculator estimates the amount of ink needed for each job
    • Spot color replacement with built-in PANTONE® libraries
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  4. Roland upgrades LEF series UV printers

    Introducing the Roland LEF-200 and Roland LEF-12i Flatbed UV Printers

    lef-200-print-personalize The new Roand LEF-200, a 20-inch flatbed UV printer will replace the LEF-20, and boasts a new on-board primer option which makes priming objects for improved ink adhesion easier than ever. The LEF-200 also includes VersaWorks® Dual RIP software, allowing for better handling of PDF and PostScript files (including files with transparencies), as well as the ability to setup special color layers like White, Gloss and Primer directly in the RIP.   Roland’s new LEF-12i is an upgraded version of the LEF-12. The LEF-12i will come with included VersaWorks Dual software, putting a host of advanced tools and resources. *For best results using Primer ink, it is strongly recommended that you test for adhesion to your specific substrates prior to final production.        
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  5. Introducing the Roland MPX-95

    mpx-95 The all new Roland MPX-95 impact printer is more versatile than ever! With the addition of a red dot laser pointer and optional fixture kits the MPX-95 provides more capabilities.   The MPX-95 photo impact printer runs quietly, cleanly and safely in any gift shop, retail store, kiosk or manufacturing environment. This compact, portable device can be taken virtually anywhere for the on-site production of personalized giftware, making it ideal for craft fairs, pet shows and other special events. mpx-95-applications With the MPX-95, you can customize highly profitable, one-of-a-kind creations from materials like gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel and titanium. Its user-replaceable MPH-90 print head boasts a durable diamond-tipped stylus that strikes the material with unsurpassed speed and precision, allowing for accurate reproduction of even subtle gradations and detailed text. Plus, the MPX-95 does all this without the mess of traditional rotary engravers or the potentially harmful fumes associated with laser marking.   The MPX-95 starts at $4,995 and is available with two optional kits: Gift Marking Kit $1,395 Part Marking Kit $4,495 MPX-95 Features
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  6. 5 Reasons to upgrade to the Brady BMP61

    upgrade tls

    Here are the top 5 reasons to upgrade to the Brady BMP61 Label Printer

    1. Vibrant color touch screen - see the entire label and preview your text layout before you print. Tape color is displayed in the preview window to verify supplies that are intended are loaded.
    2. Super fast printing speeds - improving on last generation print technology the BMP61 takes print speeds nearly 3X faster. This means more labels in less time and longer battery life.
    3. Easier material loading - with an improved wider loading area and new cartridges with supports on both sides of the roll the BMP61 is easier to load and that means less time spent changing out supplies.
    4. QWERTY Keyboard - familiar keyboard layout means less time hunting for keys and more time to do other things.
    5. Higher print resolution - Improved print resolution of 300 dpi means sharper text. It also means smaller text is more readable.
    To make the switch contact us or purchase the BMP61 online with fast free shipping.
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  7. Introducing Roland TrueVIS SG Series Printer/Cutters

    sg printers Roland DG has expanded their TrueVIS line of printers with the announcement of the SG Series. The SG Series is available in both a 54" and 30" model with integrated print/cut functionality at a remarkable price point. The TrueVIS series of printers combine proven technology with the latest generation of FlexFire print heads and TrueVIS eco-solvent inks for truly brilliant results.   Two FlexFire print heads fire 4 channels in 3 precise droplet sizes for high quality output and efficient ink usage. The FlexFire heads also produce a wider print swath allowing for a speed increase of 60% over previous generation systems.   For more information about the new TrueVIS SG printers please contact your Hansen Supply sales rep.   Models TrueVIS SG-300 (30" Print/Cut) = $11,995 TrueVIS SG-540 (54" Print/Cut) = $14,995
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  8. Roland TrueVIS Printer/Cutter Demo

    The Roland VG-540 has Arrived!!!

    Our new Roland TrueVIS demo unit has arrived! Give us a call 206-789-5788 or send us an email to schedule a demo or request a sample print. IMG_6902

    About the TrueVIS:

    For the TrueVIS VG Series, Roland didn’t just make a few upgrades to their large-format inkjet printer/cutters – they reimagined everything. New print heads that deliver beautiful prints more efficiently. New inks that are more vibrant and cost-effective. New cutting technology that increases accuracy. New tech to communicate with your existing phones and tablets. New Versaworks Dual Software and so much more. The future of print/cut has arrived.   Links TrueVIS Brochure
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  9. Graphic Finishing Partners (GFP) laminator overview

    GFP Laminator Overview

    The GFP brand of laminating systems is one of the fastest growing product lines in finishing equipment. Hansen Supply is committed to your success and we believe these systems provide the best value and performance for most sign and graphics applications. Want to see a machine in action or have questions? Give us a call we can help 800-782-1235.  

    200 Series Laminators

    The GFP 200 series is an alternative to time-consuming hand finishing with rollers and squeegees. These cold only laminators increase profitability and produce consistent professional results.
    • Two sizes: the 30" 230C and the 55" 255C
    • Integrated top liner rewind
    • Foot pedal operation
    • Top take-up mandrel
    • Variable roller gap up to 1"
    • Infinite pressure adjustment
    • 38" Table height output
     GFP 300 Series Laminators Hansen Supply

    300 Series Top Heat Laminators

    Loaded with labor saving features and priced well below comparable units the GFP 300 series are great mid-range wide production units.
    • Two sizes: the 55" 355TH and the 63" 363TH
    • Integrated rear rewind for roll-to-roll applications
    • Integrated top liner rewind
    • Metal alloy heating element
    • Swing up feed table
    • Foot pedal operation
    • Two unwind shafts
    • Top and rear take-up mandrels
    • 3" aluminum quick-grip shafts
    • Variable roller gap up to 1"
    • Infinite pressure adjustment

    500 Series Top Heat Laminator

    The GFP 563TH-2 MAXPRO laminator has all of the benefits of the 300 series and adds swing out shafts for faster change-over and quicker production throughput.
    • Two Swing-out quick grip shafts for easy loading
    • 20 feet/minute operation
    • Optional rear rewind for roll-to-roll applications
    • Integrated top liner rewind
    • Metal alloy heating element
    • Swing up feed table
    • Foot pedal operation
    • Two unwind shafts
    • Top and rear take-up mandrels
    • 3" aluminum quick-grip shafts
    • Variable roller gap up to 1"
    • Infinite pressure adjustment
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  10. TLS2200 and TLS PC Link End of Life

    TLS2200PCLinksm Brady has announced the End-of-Life (EOL) for the TLS2200 and PC LINK. After 18 years, Brady will be retiring the beloved TLS2000 printer and its peripheral version, the TLS PC Link.  This information is intended to assist you in managing your identification and printing needs.
    Brady plans to continue to service and repair printers for five years. The following accessories will still be available: • A/C power cords • Replacement Battery • Printer Hardcase
    Effective Date: 7/6/2016 Countries: US, Canada and Mexico
    For those customers who wish to upgrade or convert to the latest printer(s), whose needs require up to 2” wide materials, Hansen Supply recommends the BMP61 Label Printer.  For those who need up to 1.5” width printing,  Hansen Supply recommends the BMP51 label printer.
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