As our society becomes temporarily accustomed to new social distancing guidelines, we need to be diligent with our instructions and reminders for everyone to do so. Every retail or public facility should have signage and graphics reminding people to keep a safe distance from others. The most effective way to accomplish this is with floor graphic films. As with wayfinding, directories, or instructional signage, floor graphics can be effective in the areas where there is no structure or wall to mount a sign or graphic to. Social Distancing, hygiene reminders and general wayfinding will still be part of our lives once non-essential activity and retail establishments open back up. Make sure your business is prepared to meet the demand.

All Printed Floor Graphics are not Equal

For safety purposes, floor graphics need to also be slip resistant. Decals in this category must have a traction rating to ensure that customers can safely cross them during daily activities. Overlaminates in this classification are engineered so that they will not become abnormally slick, which could cause a loss of traction and a potential slip/fall by the consumer. All General Formulations Traffic Graffic overlays conform to Underwriters Laboratories 410 specification for floor material coefficient of friction requirements. The coefficient of friction of the overlaminate is a function of the film formulation and will not vary as the surface of the overlaminate wears from usage. Slip resistance will remain the same from the day of application to the day of removal.

Floor Graphic Print Film

GF 210 Traffic Graffic® is a specially formulated flexible print vinyl with a high performance acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive on a 90# layflat liner. The combination of vinyl and adhesive allows removability of the film from most common commercial tile floor substrates for up to 6 months under normal exposure conditions. This film is designed to accept a variety of solvent-based inkjet and UV curable inks common to wide format digital printing systems. Need help finding a printing system? Give us a call or check out our digital printing systems.

Floor Graphic Laminates

GF 211 Traffic Graffic®  is a 6.0 mil gloss clear flexible polished calendered vinyl film with a slight texture designed for use as the protective overlay for Traffic Graffic™ decals. The permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive formulated for exceptional clarity.

GF 109 Traffic Graffic® is a 5.0 mil matte clear rigid calendered vinyl film with a slight texture designed for use as a protective overlay. This vinyl overlay film should be considered as an inexpensive alternative to polycarbonate overlay. Adhesive 200-5025 is a permanent acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive formulated for exceptional clarity. This product is supplied on a 1.5 mil polyester clear liner designed to provide extremely smooth adhesive coating.

Since the application for floor graphics inherently takes a lot of abuse, the expected life of the graphic is typically 6-8 months. This being the case, there’s no need to use more expensive, overengineered films for this application. Before applying, make sure the surface is cleaned and dry. Most floor wax is compatible, as long as it doesn’t contain silicone. Do not scrub or polish for 12 hours after installation and don’t overlap seams if it’s a large graphic requiring multiple pieces. If any edge of the decal lifts from the floor, the entire decal must be immediately removed and replaced to prevent a tripping hazard. Traffic Graffic® graphics are not designed to be driven over with motorized vehicles like cars, trucks, forklifts, or other heavy machinery. Removal of the Traffic Graffic® floor graphics may pull the top layer of wax or varnish even when a removable adhesive is used. It is up to the graphic provider to test the substrate for suitability.