1. General Formulations Launches new Graphitex Wall Fabrics

    We are excited to announce the expansion of our GraphiTex™ line of Wall Fabrics to include two new products:

    - GF 253 GraphiTex Opaque
    - GF 295 GraphiTex Ultra

    These new options hit a few key requirements: one for high-opacity, the other for its durability (10 years), and both for their phenomenal print quality.

    Peel-and-stick adhesive fabrics have a huge role in wallcoverings where non-PVC materials are needed, or where the look and durability of fabric is required.  The New

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  2. Organizing Digital Print Media

    Let's Get Organized! Media storage racks

    Storing and sorting print media and cut vinyl is an important task in any production print shop. Often materials are all white and difficult to differentiate. Let us take some of the guesswork out of storage and handling with some of these great options:

    BullRack: A horizontally-arranged mobile rack that facilitates the removal of rolls, allowing the storage of 15 rolls in very little space. Cutting can be done on the rack itself, with an optional cutter. Its main advantage is that it has wheels and comes with poles, allowing storage and transport at the same time. Many customers place several of these racks in a row to optimize their space.

    Plastgrommet Bull Rack media holder

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  3. Laser Engraving Machine

     What types of laser systems are available?

    Right now laser systems fall into three categories: XY Gantry Tables, Cylindrical Engravers and Galvo Laser systems. Within the three categories there are a few different types of Laser Power sources. Let's take a look at the differences between each category and type of laser system.

    XY Gantry Laser Engraving System

    The most common type of engraving table is the XY Table where the work piece remains stationary and the engraving head moves along the X and Y axis. This style of engraving system works in both a raster mode and vector mode for engraving. Raster mode means the engraver quickly moves back and forth pulsing along the X axis to build the image while slow

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  4. Flatbed Digital Cutters

    CWT Apex Plus Cutters

    Apex digtal flatbed cutters are perfect for a variety of finishing requirements for displays, die cutting, graphics, upholstrey and signs. Increase your productivity and profitability by having an in house multi-function digital cutting solutions that can cut, crease, die cut, oscillate cut and route materials up to 1.5" thick. With a wide variety of table sizes and included software the Apex Series cutters are ready to transform your workflow. Give us a call for more information or to obtain pricing 800-782-1235.

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  5. VersaWorks Training and Tips

    Looking for some support and training on Roland Versaworks? Roland has recently published some great content to help facilitate a better understanding of the Versaworks RIP. Versaworks is a very robust tool and is included with most Roland printers. Below are some great video resources to help guide and educate on the topic. For more information please give us a call.

    VersaWorks General Tab Overview

    VersaWorks Cutting Tab Overview

    VersaWorks Basics of Print/Cut Files

    VersaWorks Tiling Features

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  6. Social Distancing with Floor Graphic Films

    As our society becomes temporarily accustomed to new social distancing guidelines, we need to be diligent with our instructions and reminders for everyone to do so. Every retail or public facility should have signage and graphics reminding people to keep a safe distance from others. The most effective way to accomplish this is with floor graphic films. As with wayfinding, directories, or instructional signage, floor graphics can be effective in the areas where there is no structure or wall to mount a sign or graphic to. Social Distancing, hygiene reminders and general wayfinding will still be part of our lives once non-essential activity and retail establishments open back up. Make sure your business is prepared to meet the demand.

    All Printed Floor Graphics are not Equ

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  7. Gravotech Launches WELASE line of small desktop Galvo Lasers

    WELASE galvo lasers from Hansen Supply

    The new Gravotech WELASE can be used by anyone. You can unpack, connect power and mark

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  8. 8 Reasons to choose the Roland TrueVIS VG2 Printer / Cutters

    The Award-Winning Roland VG2 is an incredible powerhouse of features and productivity advantages. The combined printing and cutting functions is just the beginning when it comes the unique advantages this wide format printer offers. Below are some of the most compelling reasons to upgrade to the Roland VG2. If you haven't seen the machine in person please contact your local Hansen Supply sales rep for more information and to schedule a demo.
    1. SAME DAY LAMINATION - With more customers demanding faster turnaround times service providers are forced to keep pace. With the Roland VG2 print providers now have the option for same day lamination. The Roland VG2 is capable of 6 hour turn around time.
    2. NEW ORANGE INK - Orange Ink expands the color gamut and delivers incredibly realistic color and sup
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  9. Avery Launches Car Wrap Visualizer

    Do you ever wish you had a better option for showing a customer how a specific Avery wrapping film color would look on their car? Avery has recently partnered with xix3D to launch a brand new online visualizer for wrap films. Use the visualizer to customize the look of various vehicles makes and model with more than 100 colors of Avery supreme wrapping film. Use the tool to gain a better understanding of the finished look your customer can expect. Help prospective customers visual how their vehicle will look when completed.

    Check out the Avery Dennison Car Visualizer today!

    Avery wrap vinyl visualizer

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  10. Roland releases Truevis VG2 Series Printer/Cutters

    Roland VG2 Printers

    Engineered to exceed the quality and production needs of today’s most demanding professionals, the Roland TrueVIS VG2 is everything you could ever want in a printer/cutter and a whole lot more.

    • Featuring new TrueVIS 2 inks (including new ORANGE ink) and color modes for detailed color reproduction
    • Increased print/cut accuracy and smart new automated pinch rollers
    • 3M™ MCS™ Warranty and Avery Dennison™ ICS™ Warranty Program certified for added print confidence
    Schedule a demo of this cutting edge printer today!

    More Info:
    VG2-540 54" Printer/Cutter
    VG2-640 64" Print

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